Coronavirus Closure - Week 2 Blog (30th March)

Note for parents: If possible, could anyone who hasn't done so already please drop me a message ( at some point this week to let me know how their child is getting on or if there's anything else I could add here to help. If you'd like to send some photos for our class gallery as well, that would be great!


We've been challenged to a BATTLE OF THE BANDS by Beech Class! Make sure you log onto TIMES TABLE ROCKSTARS and play as much as you can this week. The band with the most correct answers at the end of the week will be the winner. We can do it, Team Oak!

The Battle of the Bands starts at 8 am on Monday 30th March and finishes at 4 pm on Sunday 5th April.

Competition update (1st April):Well done to everyone who has joined in so far! Beech are slightly ahead at the moment, so we need EVERYONE to keep playing! I'll be awarding School 360 points to everyone who joins in :)

Competition update (2nd April): Beech Class 2300 points, Oak Class 2100 points. It's all to play for!

Competition update (3rd April): Beech Class 3500 points, Oak Class 3800 points. From 200 points behind to 300 points ahead in 1 day! Keep going, Team Oak!

Competition update (3rd April, Part 2): At half past four, the scores are Beech Class 4441 points, Oak Class 4521 points. It's neck and neck with two more days to go! 

Good morning, Oak Class!

Updated 30th March

Hello again! I hope you are all well. Here are some more ideas to help you keep busy and active.

Note for parents: As last week, I’ve given 5 activities (one per day) plus an extra challenge for English and the same for maths.


This week, have a look at verbs.

  • A verb is a doing (or being) word.

  • Verbs can written in the past or present tense.

  • Present tense - happening now.

  • Past tense - already happened (happened in the past).

I’d like you to do the next 2 pages from your pack:

1. Verbs: past and present tense 1

2. Verbs: past and present tense 2 

Note for parents: the aim of the English pack is to help children maintain and develop their understanding of sentence structure, punctuation, grammar and spelling. The activities are easily extended if needed by asking them to apply the skill in a similar manner to the 'sentence practice' at the bottom of each page.

3. Design a machine that makes someone’s life easier. For example, you might design a machine called ‘The Housework Helper’ or ‘The Teacher Pleaser Machine’.  Draw your idea and label each of the parts, saying why they are needed. Send in copies or photos of your designs and I’ll add them to our gallery!

4. Your next job is to explain how your machine works. You might want to tell us how to control your machine, what it does and why it is so useful. You might even want to describe what your machine looks and sounds like. Try to include some Vivid Verbs in your writing (the machine might shake, rattle or rumble; it might polish, dust or vacuum; it might screech, squeak or squeal). Feel free to e-mail any of your explanations. I’ll be handing out School360 points for any that really impress me!

5. Spell Blast is great for practising spellings. This week, I’d like you to practise spelling words that have an /or/ sound that is spelt using the letter ‘a’, This often happens when an ‘a’ is before the letter(s) ‘l’ or ‘ll’.

The words are: all, ball, call, hall, wall, fall, small, walk, talk, always, altogether.

You find Spell Blast on School360 > Resources > J2e > Spell Blast

You can find this word list by clicking ‘Have a practice’ and choosing the ‘Shared’ tab. The list is called /or/ sound spelt ‘a’ before l or ll.

Extra Challenge.

Draw some pictures of you doing things. Write 2 sentences for each - 1 in the past tense and 1 in the present tense.


Maths - 2D shapes

We’re going to use the next 3 pages from your maths pack this week.

1. Lines of symmetry

Symmetry is another property of 2D shapes. This is when one half of a shape matches the other, like a reflection in a mirror. There are 2 pictures below to help you learn about symmetry (you can download them if it's easier). Once you’ve read them, have a go at the page in your maths pack called Lines of symmetry.

2. Sort 2D shapes

You can put shapes into groups that have something in common. You might put triangles in one group and shapes with curved sides in another.

You can also sort shapes into order of the number of sides or vertices.

See if you can have a go at sorting shapes on the page titled Sort 2D shapes.

3. Make patterns with 2D shapes

Making patterns with shapes can be fun. Patterns repeat. They can be simple or complicated. Sometimes it helps to say the pattern out loud. Have a go at the sheet titled Make patterns with 2D shapes. Can you use patterns to make something, like a card or some wrapping paper?

Don't worry if you're finding any activities tricky - drop me a message and I'll send you some help!

4. Have a go at Mirror Magic on Busy Things.

Busy Things can be found on School360 in the Resources box.

The game can be found by clicking KS1 > Year 2 > Mathematics > Properties of Shapes > Mirror Magic

Or, by clicking on Easy Search then either the shapes or the butterfly (on the sixth row down).

5. How many 2D shapes can you find around your home? See if you can find all of these shapes:

Circle (1 curved side and 0 vertices)

Triangle (3 sides and 3 vertices)

Quadrilateral (4 sides and 4 vertices)

There are 2 special quadrilaterals:

Square (4 equal sides, 4 vertices and 4 right angles)

Rectangle (4 sides, 4 vertices and 4 right angles)

Pentagon (5 sides and 5 vertices)

Hexagon (6 sides and 6 vertices)

Heptagon (7 sides and 7 vertices)

Octagon (8 sides and 8 vertices).

Can anyone find out what we call 9 and 10 sided shapes?

Extra Challenge - It’s time for a Battle of the Bands

A Battle of the Bands is a competition between two classes. This week, we’re up against Beech Class. You can play in any game type and, at the end of the week, the band with the most correct answers is the winner. See how many points you can earn for Team Oak!

Don’t forget - it’s even more fun to listen to music while you play!

The Battle of the Bands starts at 8 am on Monday 30th March and finishes at 4 pm on Sunday 5th April.



This week, we were going to move on to the animals that live in Kenya. Many people travel to Kenya to go on safari in one of the wildlife parks and reserves there. Some of the most famous parks and reserves are:

The Masai Mara National Reserve

Lake Nakuru National Park (lots of flamingoes!)

Mount Kenya National Park

The Tsavo National Parks (Tsavo East and Tsavo West)

Tourists love to see the breathtaking landscapes and amazing animals. The most famous animals to spot are called The Big Five. They are the African elephant, the black rhinoceros, the cape buffalo, the lion and the leopard. These aren’t the only animals that people can see - have a look at this website to find out what else you could find there:

Now I’d like you to choose your favourite 5 animals that can be found in Kenya. Maybe you could make a picture of them. If you are really feeling up for a challenge, you could make a fact file for each animal. If you do some really good work, mams and dads might take a picture of what you do and then e-mail it to me for our class gallery.

Keeping Active

Don’t forget, if you're looking for a way to keep active, join Joe Wicks for a daily P.E. lesson on YouTube.

You can watch them live every weekday at 9, or catch up later in the day if you prefer afternoon exercise! 

Mums and Dads, please remember that you DO NOT have to complete all of this work - these are just ideas that might be useful to you. I'm very aware that many of you are working as well as trying to be educators. Be kind to yourselves and let the children play, watch TV or relax while you get the things that you need to done; then, find little pockets of time when you can try to do some focused work together. And please don't worry if this doesn't happen every day!

A huge thank you to everyone sending messages, photographs and videos to let us know what you’re up to. You can see what has been sent in so far by clicking here. If you’d like to share any of your work, creations, messages or activities on the school website so your friends can see them, please send them to If you’d like to show them to me but would prefer them not to go on the website, just let me know. Also, don’t forget you can get in touch using messages on Frog Play.

Take care, everyone and don’t forget: keep busy, keep active and stay safe!

Mr J

Note to parents: I'll be in school this week working with children of key workers, so it may take me a little longer to reply to e-mails than usual.