Coronavirus Closure - Week 1 Blog (23rd March)

Happy Monday, Acorns!
Updated 23rd March at 3pm - first video uploaded (technical issues overcome)
Updated 24th March - Keeping Active
Well, this feels a little strange not seeing you all face-to-face, but not to worry - I've got some great ideas lined up to keep our brains, fingers and bodies busy! I've also had some thoughts about how we can all keep in touch over the next few weeks - more on that below.
Let's get started then - here are some suggestions for things to do this week, including which part of your pack to have a go at.
Note for parents: This week, I've suggested 5 activities (one per day) plus an extra challenge.
Have a go at the first 4 pages of your English pack:
1. Writing in sentences.
2. Sentence punctuation.
3. Joining words: 'and', 'but'
4. Joining words: 'or'
Note for parents: the aim of the English pack is to help children maintain and develop their understanding of sentence structure, punctuation, grammar and spelling. The activities are easily extended if needed by asking them to apply the skill in a similar manner to the 'sentence practice' at the bottom of each page.
5. Carrying on from our spelling focus last week, have a go at the Illusion Confusion game on Busy Things.
Busy Things can be found on School360 in the Resources box.
The game can be found by clicking KS1 > Year 2 > English > Phonics > Phase 5 > Further Activities
By clicking Easy Search then clicking on the blue cat in the magician's outfit!
This game practises recognising words that have a /zh/ sound (spelt with an 's') in them. 
Extra Challenge.
Listen to me reading the story called Too Much Talk (written by Angela Shelf Medearis and illustrated by Stefan Vitale) in the video below. I hope you like it! It's a well-known folktale from West Africa. If you'd like a challenge, why not have a go at retelling the story as a comic strip? If you’d like to send me a copy or photo of your comic strip, I’ll share it on the website. 
Maths - 2D shapes
Let's have a look at 2D shapes this week.
Here's a video to tell you a little bit about 2D shapes:
There are also 2 activities to have a go at underneath the video.
If you'd like to listen to a (rather terrible) song about the names of 2D shapes, click this link:
How many 2D shapes can you see around your home?
Now, find the shape booklet in your maths pack.
Let's have a go at the first 4 activities
1. Recognise 2D and 3D shapes. 
2. Count sides on 2D shapes.
3. Count vertices on 2D shapes.
Note for parents - vertices are corners :)
What do you notice about the number of sides and vertices for most 2D shapes (not circles)?
4. Draw 2D shapes.
Remember to use a ruler if you have one!
Don't worry if you're finding any activities tricky - drop me a message and I'll send you some help!
5. Have a go at some of the 2D shape interactive activities and games on Busy Things.
Busy Things can be found on School360 in the Resources box.
The games and activities can be found by clicking KS1 > Year 2 > Mathematics > Properties of Shapes
I would recommend the first, third and fourth activities on the page (Name the shapes - 2D; How many corners? - 2D; How many sides? - 2D). Shape Shuffle and Tangranimals are also fun!
Extra Challenge
See if you can earn a five day streak award by playing Numbots every day! School 360 points for anyone who manages it!
This week we were going to find out more about Kenya. In particular, we were going to be locating it on a map of Africa and finding out about some of the landmarks and cities. I would love you to see what you can find out about the country of Kenya. This site has some great information:
Why not create a poster or fact file about Kenya? If you do some some really good work, mums and dads could take a picture or video of what you do and then email it to me. If you did it on the computer they could even send me a copy. I'll put the work you send in an online gallery so we can see what everyone has been up to.
That brings me back round to what I mentioned right at the start - how we can keep in touch. Please feel free to send pictures or photos of anything you make, draw, go in our online gallery, then we can see what everyone has been up to. I know that it's not the same as us all being together but let's make the best of this situation!
Keeping Active
If you're looking for a way to keep active, join Joe Wicks for a daily P.E. lesson on YouTube.
You can watch them live every weekday at 9, or catch up later in the day if you prefer afternoon exercise!

Mums and Dads, please remember that you DO NOT have to complete all of this work - these are just ideas that might be useful to you. I'm very aware that many of you are working as well as trying to be educators. Be kind to yourselves and let the children play, watch TV or relax while you get the things that you need to done; then, find little pockets of time when you can try to do some focused work together. And please don't worry if this doesn't happen every day!

Take care, everyone!
Mr J